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There are two wolves inside of you. A bad one and a good one. Unfortunately, they both have to eat. It is your choice which wolf you feed the most. If you feed one, you will find happiness. If you feed the other, however, you will find your joy.

Now, happiness is an emotional response to an outcome. If I win, I will be happy. Now, if I lose, I will be unhappy. If you win, you want more and more happiness. You establish happiness as a standard. However, you will raise the standard every time you attain it.

Once, your happiness is depleted, the sense of envy, anger, sorrow, regret, and so on, will fill the void that was left by happiness.

Happiness derived from a cause and effect system is not sustainable. You will inevitably be unhappy.

The Trap

Now joy, joy is on a different level. It is difficult because if you have it you know what it is. If you don’t, you marvel at it. You wonder what it is. You want to possess it and ask yourself, “What does it cost?”

If you do not know the feeling of joy, you are suspicious of it. You fear that it will come and go without even a note.

You fear that it will abandon and betray you.

However, you still suspect that there is something to this feeling. That there is something real to it.

Then we tell ourselves, if this feeling is real, I have to earn it. I have to be worthy of it. Then I know it is mine to possess. Then I will be certain that it will never leave me.

This becomes your trap. Joy becomes conditional.

This trap becomes your destruction. You lose yourself in the pursuit to feel the sense of joy because you truly do not know what the sense of joy is. To escape the trap, you have to know where joy comes from.

The Key

Joy is manifested from doing an action no matter the result. Joy is a constant. It is projected from within you. It does not flow into you. You must project your passions through action without care of the result.

Once you intrinsically enjoy the action because you have a passion for it, the doing of the deed becomes the reward.

Joy is an emotion that expressed through your passions and purpose.

How to Use the Key

We are the architects of our own lives. Let’s study the habits, routines, and the practices that we have to that lead to and feed our success, our joy, our laughter, and even our earned tears.

You have to focus on a space within you that feels like calm water surrounded swaying trees and full, green grass. This place is the focal point that will stem passion, love, and purpose.

This space will always be there even in your most desperate and darkest hours. It doesn’t hide your fears or disguises your insecurities.

4 Things to Do Every Morning to Help You Find Joy

The time to enjoy yourself is in the now. Right here, right now, you now have the information to seize the day.

I am going to give you four easy thing you can do today that will help you enjoy your life from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Focus on all the things that you are most grateful for, and feel it with your heart and soul.

Tell yourself you are going to enjoy the day.

Visualize how you want your life to go.

Always find the laughter within you and around you.

How you start your day, will determine the quality of your day. You have to ask yourself, “If today was my last day on earth, how do I want to spend it.” If you are reading this, you are alive and you have the choice.

Joy is real, but you have to choice it.

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