Whether you just need to read something interesting to add something new to your life, or you straight up can’t stand waking up on any day ending with “Y” and need a little bit of humor to start your day – you, my friend, are in the right place.

Since you are here right now, I can say you are at least curious at what this short black kid from the middle of bum fuck nowhere Pennsylvania can give you.

Well, I hope you are hungry because I am going to feed you baby bird. However, first, let’s knock out the formalities of why I am here and who I am.

Why I Am Here

I recently launched Life Happens Dude to gather a community of people who want to expand their knowledge of almost every aspect of their lives to have a happier and more complete life. This site is a quickly growing collective of like-minded dudes and dudettes around the world that want to thrive when life happens.

If you are interested in the biological and neurological function behind habits and behavior, tips and tricks to conquer your daily challenges, gaining awareness of yourself, or just all around interesting shit that will expand your knowledge of the world around you, then this site is for you.

Each article you read will be supported by research and authentic information that will provide you with the most accurate and reliable content possible.

These articles are a direct reflection of my ideas and beliefs of what I feel is important in life. I honestly began this site after I had a revelation towards my own life.

Who I Am

Oh sorry, I forgot to formally introduce myself. My name is Austin Shellhammer.

Currently, I am attending the best university in the nation. However, I am severely unhappy.

I am stuck in cruise on the highway of life. I am going towards the same end result of every person I interact with every day. An average middle-class life, married to a girl named Sarah. I will have three kids, and a nine to five job. Finally, I will die. I will be buried in a grave filled with regrets and the wasted potential of true life.

I want an independent and more complete life, but honestly who doesn’t? I am not special. However, I would say my beginnings make me different.

I grew up in a broken home. I had a physically and mentally abusive stepfather. My family was homeless. I had to steal and do odd jobs to contribute to the family. I was overwhelmed by the hand that I was dealt in life. I attempted to take my own life by the time I was twelve years old.

Even through all of this, you and I are similar. We are both stuck in the cyclic rat race of life. We are taunted by a lifestyle we are unable to obtain. We must educate ourselves with the information necessary to escape the race.

Let’s Grow Together

Cue Rocky Theme Song

Do you feel that energy in your soul? I promise it’s not the Rocky music. You feel the same as I do. You are starting to actualize the maze society has put you in. Society’s main objective is to limit you to an average life similar to your peers.

Well, its time my friend. Together, you and I will break free from the trends of conformity. We will escape to the life that we have always dreamed of living.

However, you have to do two things for me.

First, I need you to take the two seconds to subscribe to the site to receive weekly newsletters on upcoming articles that will help you expand your knowledge and expand your life. I am not bullshitting you when I say you will only receive emails only in the form of a newsletter. No spam, no advertisement, no links to that weird porno site that will cause your computer to catch on fire from the sheer number of viruses.

Second, say hello to me on Twitter or Instagram. I will 10/10 say hello back and ask how you are doing because, in the end, my content is for you and I want to know the people that I may have the possibility of influencing.

I want to leave you with one more thing before you go subscribe to the site.

Many people die by the time they are 25 but are not buried until they are 75. Let’s grow together and die the day of our last breath will a heart full of happiness and fulfillment.

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