Let’s face it. We all have a self-identity crisis in our early 20s. If you made it through your 20s unscathed by not once questioning who you were than… well…, I hope you enjoy your inevitable and demoralizing midlife crisis. Now, if you aren’t 20 yet, then prepare yourself for a wave of emotional distress and curiosity about who you are and why you do the awkward shit that you do. Now I can’t answer the question of who you are. I am not God… unfortunately, buuut, I can at least give you the knowledge you need to understand why you do what you do.

Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. We should all study psychology.

I am not saying every person should try to manifest themselves into their own version of Dr. Phil, but I will say you will better understand yourself if you understood your mind. Unfortunately, we have a little obstacle preventing you and me from totally understanding our minds and in turn ourselves.

The mind is the most complex system in the entire universe.

“The entire universe?” you ask. Yes, the entire fucking universe, dude. Seriously.

That little space, that you sometimes think is empty, between your ears is a complex biological network of constant growth, transformation, and adaptation to the outside world.

Before we take a leap into the functionality and development of the human brain, let’s take a step back and point out the benefits of studying psychology.

Psychology Helps You Understand Yourself

You just bought yourself a new IKEA dresser. It’s in about four hundred different pieces, and you have no idea where to start. You attempt to piece the puzzle of components together with no luck. You become distressed, and can literally feel the stress-induced grey hairs forming on your head.

This IKEA dresser represents your mind. The key to putting together a beautiful IKEA dresser that you are proud to show your friends and family lies in the instruction manual.

Psychology is the instruction manual to your mind. If you understand psychology, then you will understand yourself, as cliche as that sounds.

You will learn about how developments occur, how personalities form, and how factors like society, social media, culture, and past experiences have influenced your behavior.

Psychology Helps You Understand Why People Suck

Have you ever wondered why murderers feel no remorse after killing their latest victim, or why Karen from accounting is such a bitch?

Unfortunately, people believe their actions are justified through beliefs and ideas that have developed in their minds through different stimuli from social and cultural experiences.

However, the study of psychology gives you insight into their minds. The more insight you have on a person allows you to maybe even help the poor soul.

So, The next time someone behaves in a certain way, you might be better able to understand the influences and motivations behind why they suck.

Psychology Can Help You Become a Better Communicator

I have an unreasonable fear of talking to new people. I get nervous shakes. My armpits start to sweat even after I caked on a stick of deodorant the morning of. It’s depressing, and greatly hinders any opportunities that I try to pursue that involve interpersonal communication.

To battle those disgusting armpit stains, I have something to propose to you more efficient than a stick of Old Spice.

You guessed it. It’s psychology. Psychology allows you to understand emotion, variations in language, and interpret body language.

Understanding these categories of psychology will help you fine-tune your interpersonal communication skills so you can enter any conversation with confidence.

Psychology Can Give You Greater Insight Into Mental Illness

Mental illness sucks. With the amount of stress that affects the average person through social media, co-workers, family and just life in general, I completely understand why the brain may become overwhelmed.

However, psychology is the solution to the problem, once again. Who knew studying psychology would have so many perks in life?

Studying psychology can help you better understand how psychological conditions are diagnosed and treated. You can also discover how mental wellness can be enhanced, how to reduce stress, how to even boost memory, and how to live a happier, less-shitty life.

Honestly though, let’s admit that life will still happen, but understanding how your brain reacts to different situations will help the management of your mind in the long run. Trust me.

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Psychology Can Help You Understand Why You Suck At Relationships

A successful relationship relies on trust, support, and attachment. If you are deficient in any of these areas of a relationship, then be prepared yourself for the constant nagging questions of, “Why are you always fucking up?” from your significant other.

I hate to beat the dead horse, but with psychology, you will be able to understand different styles of attachment, fix your trust issues, and become the supportive partner that every relationship needs.  

Psychology is Fun

Psychology is honestly one of the most interesting and applicable sciences to study in your free time. Now, I am by no means an expert.

However, just introducing myself to the study of psychology has helped me understand myself and the people around me.

Plus, you learn about some crazy interesting shit. From intriguing optical illusions that reveal the inner workings of the brain to shocking experiments that expose how far people will go to obey an authority figure, there is always an experiment or key information that will cause you to look up from what you are reading and say, “There is no fucking way is that real.”

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